Sunday, April 20, 2014

Boston Marathon Update

Hey everyone this time tomorrow I'll be standing in a port-a-potty line in Hopkinton!  I just wanted to thank everyone who has donated or just supported me through everything that's led up to this.  I'm already in the process of writing up the weekend so I hope to have a recap of the whole race out Tuesday or Wednesday.

I also wanted to give you some info about race day.  I'm in Corral 1 of wave 4 so if everything is on time I should be out at 11:25 or shortly there after.  My bib number is 27922. You can track me at or sign up for text messages here or by texting 27922 to 345678 if you're not going to be near a computer.

Thank you again and if you need a little more excitement for tomorrow feel free to check out the good luck video shown at our lunch yesterday and try to find my brief cameo!

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