Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Week in Review 4.21.13

Drew’s running week in review, where to begin?  I was slowed a bit last week due to soreness in my right calf.  It limited the miles I was able to run, but a couple of days off later in the week helped.  

Monday I went out early with a 5K run to start the week.   3.1Mi in 33:10, a pace of 10:46.

Because of an impromptu day off on Tuesday I was able to take a mid morning run which I cut short of my 5 mile goal due to soreness in my leg.  4Mi in 41:56, a 10:29 pace.

I took Wednesday and Thursday off to rest and hopefully stop the soreness in my leg and looked forward to a nice 5 mile run on Friday.  “Friday?  Drew I don’t see any run keeper data for you on Friday.”  Well that would be correct; I was asked to “Shelter in place” by the Watertown PD on the nicest day of the year so far.  A bummer from a training perspective but it gave my leg an extra day of rest and got a couple of bad guys off the street.

Saturday I went out running in my little town which is now know worldwide.  I ran throughout the town including the near the now famous boat. Leg felt good and I managed a more half marathon like pace.  7.5 mi in 1:25:17 a 11:22 pace

Miles run last week 14.6

Miles run this year 188.2

Miles left to 1K in 2013: 811.8 (22.55 miles per week over the next 36 weeks)

TV trucks temain at the Watertown Mall

Reporting from "The Boat"

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