Monday, June 10, 2013

Week in review 6.9.13

The calf injury continues to bother me and a lot of softball threw off the training schedule this week.

Monday I got in an early morning run before work as a softball game and Julie's birthday celebration in the evening.  The softball game was close but nearly cost me as I felt some pain in my hamstring trying to beat out a grounder.  5.1mi in 56 minutes, a 10:59 pace
Tuesday was a cross training day since a 9:15 softball game gets over pretty late.  I did just over 3 miles on the bike going to and from the bus but it stretched out the legs.

Wednesday was another early run as Jenzabar had a softball doubleheader in the evening.  I was able to pitch the team to a big win and a tie to become the winningest pitcher in team history with 1.  Celebrations afterwards continued until the end of the Bruins double OT win.  There is no way I'm getting up tomorrow. 5mi. in 55:45, a 11:10 pace


Friday I was still pretty beat from

Saturday was busy before we headed down to Mansfield to see Guster and Dispatch at Greatwoods.  I got out for a short jog.  4 mi in 43:50 a 10:58 pace
Sunday was another cross training day doing 10.5 miles on the bike down to Harvard and back enjoying a top 10 day before heading out to another free birthday meal (for Julie).

Miles run last week 14.1

Miles run this year 338.1
Miles left to 1K in 2013: 661.9 (22.82 miles per week over the next 29 weeks up 0.29 from last week)

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