Monday, June 10, 2013

Week in review 6.2.13

The hot weather arrived late in the week but it was an every other day week for me.

Monday I tried to get back on track with the training program so I had 5 slow miles followed by some interval training.  5.85 mi in 1 hour, a 10:15 pace

Tuesday I took off as I've been nursing a calf injury and I don't want to do too much and make it worse.
Wednesday the rains came so I was forced to move my workout to the treadmill, but I was still able to put in a good 5+ mile run despite knocking off the emergency stop in the middle.  5.55mi. in 59:07, a 10:39 pace

Thursday was a regularly scheduled off day and with the rain lingering I took advantage of it..

Friday I got ready for my long run on Saturday with a slower 5.11 mile run in 55:07 a 10:47 pace.

Saturday was HOT.  I brutal 8.1 miles around Watertown with lots of stops for water. 8.1mi in 1:28:33 a 10:57 pace
Sunday I rested up for the the week to come. 

Miles run last week 24.6

Miles run this year 324
Miles left to 1K in 2013: 676 (22.53 miles per week over the next 30 weeks down 0.07 from last week)

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