Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Boston Marathon Miles 7 & 8

Today is the fourth part in my weekly look at the Boston Marathon course.  Today we talk about my favorite topic of all time...buffalo wings!

Mile 7 passes one of three places that I've eaten in Framingham, The Chicken Bone.  "The Bone" as it's affectionately know has good cheap wings including and was featured on the TV Show "Bar Rescue", but don't let that dissuade you, so was the place where Julie and I got engaged (I know how to pick a restaurant).  I may lose some time here as I down some wings.  I know what you're thinking "How can you eat that while you're running" and I totally agree,  I'll be sure to tell them to hold the blue cheese please, because I don't want to get an upset stomach!  It's not like I'm crazy or anything!  I'm sure there is much more to talk about in this mile but I can't get past the wings.

Mile 7 1:17 /12:34PM mile change -25 ft net change -335 ft

That's enough for me, but what are you guys going to eat?

Mile 8 passes through one of more built up and least scenic parts of the course.  At this point route 135 is full of pizza joints, gas stations, car dealerships and mini marts.  It's right out of The Talking Head's "(Nothing But) Flowers" song but in reverse!  Just before the 8 mile mark the course crosses into Natick and the scenery gets nice again.  Coincidence?

Mile 8 1:28 / 12:45PM mile change +25 ft net change -310ft

Part 5 Miles 9 & 10 Due out 2/12

Part 6 Miles 11 & 12 Due out 2/19

Part 7 Miles 13 & 14 Due out 2/26

Part 8 Miles 15 & 16 Due out 3/5

Part 9 Miles 15 & 16 Due out 3/12

Part 10 Miles 17 & 18 Due out 3/19

Part 11 Miles 19 & 20 Due out 3/26

Part 12 Miles 21 & 22 Due out 4/2

Part 13 Miles 23 & 24 Due out 4/9

Part 13 Miles 25 & 26 Due out 4/16

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