Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Week in Review 9.22.13

Philly half is done time to taper again for Providence!

I took off Monday due to my late arrival from Philly but returned to running on Tuesday with a recovery run.  I was pretty sore from my PR so no speeds here just a stretch of the legs.  Later that evening I hit the gym for some strength training back to the two-a-days before my cold/allergies 5.0 mi in 58:45 an 11:45 pace.

After using The Stick Tuesday morning and again at night, my  left felt pretty good, not 100% but good enough to try some fartlek Wednesday morning.  I ran down to the track with a half mile warm up and cool down.  I couldn't get my heart rate up above 160 so I probably could have run faster if my legs weren't so tired but it wasn't a bad pace.  I've started to use my garmin vs. RunKeeper for training so that I can monitor my heart rate and I think that will also probably translate into some slower times as it appears to be more accurate.  5.2 mi in 51:38 a 9:56 pace

Thursday I did some more speed work at the track. Half mile warm up with a four miles fast then another half mile coll down.  I was very near my 10K goal of 9:40!  5.0 mi in 48.34 a 9:43 pace

Friday Julie and I did some cross training at the new Rock gym that opened up.  After a little over an hour we were pretty beat but it was fun to get back out there and do some climbing.
Saturday I didn't push the 5 miles since I had another run on Sunday, so I did a down and back to John Brewers before we headed over tot he Science museum to see the dead sea scrolls (they were kinda boring).  5 mi in 57:46 an 11:33 pace

Sunday last "long" run before the Rock N Roll Providence half Marathon, but before that Julie and I hit the rock gym again.  Between the football on TV and planning on going back to the gym Monday morning we didn't stay past the hour, but it was still quite the workout.  Between the half last Sunday and the time at the gym I didn't push this run in length or distance.  4mi in 45:25 an 11:22 pace

Miles run last week 24.2

Miles run this year 699

Miles left to 1K in 2013: 301.0 (21.5 miles per week over the next 14 weeks down 0.18 from last week)

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