Thursday, March 27, 2014

Boston Marathon Mile 13 & 14

We're right around the mid-point now, no time to redouble our efforts ahead of the hills.

By the start of Mile 13 you should be able to hear the ladies of Wellesley College easily now.  It's been told that you can hear them up to two miles away but by the start of mile twelve you're about a quarter of a mile away   They pack the route and give runners a boost via their shouts, screams and smooches.

Mile 13 2:23 /1:40PM mile change -20 ft net change -345 ft

OK half way through the marathon now and we're getting to the part of the course which I am very familiar with.  Snaking it's way through Wellesley center and town hall, we finally come to St. Paul's church which the Miles for Miracles team has been using as it's training HQ for the marathon.  The crowds start to grow again and we're get ready for our decent into Lower Newton Falls.

Mile 14 2:34 / 1:51PM mile change -15 ft net change -360ft

Part 8 Miles 15 & 16 Due out 3/5

Part 9 Miles 15 & 16 Due out 3/12

Part 10 Miles 17 & 18 Due out 3/19

Part 11 Miles 19 & 20 Due out 3/26

Part 12 Miles 21 & 22 Due out 4/2

Part 13 Miles 23 & 24 Due out 4/9

Part 13 Miles 25 & 26 Due out 4/16

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