Thursday, March 27, 2014

Boston Marathon Mile 15 & 16

"Gooooiiiinnnnng Doooowwwwn" - Aerosmith

Mile 15 starts as runners past Hunnewell Park in Wellesley.  The last up hill before the big drop takes the runners through nicely manicured lawns, quaint shops and the Wellesley Hills commuter rail station.  The course crosses over route 9 and then the fun begins.

Mile 15 2:45 /2:02PM mile change +30 ft net change -330 ft

Mile 16 is a brutal down hill to the lowest point of the course.  This mile is all about going down, down, down.  The long down hill is steep and it really takes a toll on the legs at this point of the race.  I should be trying to conserve energy for the coming hills but knowing I wont have to go back up it as we have in training will probably allow me to just let gravity do with me what it will.

Mile 16 2:56 / 2:13PM mile change -100 ft net change -430ft

Part 7 Miles 13 & 14

Part 10 Miles 17 & 18 Due out Sooner

Part 11 Miles 19 & 20 Due out Soon

Part 12 Miles 21 & 22 Due out 4/2

Part 13 Miles 23 & 24 Due out 4/9

Part 13 Miles 25 & 26 Due out 4/16

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