Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Week in review 5.12.13

Getting right back into is it’s another taper week before the Rock n’ Roll Portland Half Marathon.  I also started the Sub 2 hour Half marathon training program from run keeper, for the September 1st Half in Virginia Beach, so we’ll see how that goes.
Monday 5 miles slow according to the program.  Luckily I can do that. 5.01 mi in 53:43, a pace of 10:43

Tuesday I was lazy and took a zero day.

Wednesday was the second day of the training program,3 miles slow followed by interval training of 30 seconds fast and 2 minutes of recovery time which added another half mile or so.  I changed it up a bit and ran mile 2 of the slow miles as a fast mile to try and challenge myself a bit.  I added a slow jog back home to cool down.  Overall though I kept the pace under 10 minute miles!   4.05 mi in 40:05, a pace of 9:54
Thursday, I was a bit of a recovery day.  With the Bruins playoff game going into OT and softball the night before, the weather called for 100% of sleeping in.  0 miles in 0:00 minutes.  Bet you can’t guess that pace.

Friday was run 3 of the training plan which was supposed to be Thursday.  A lazy 5 miles, as the plan said.  Keep this run slow, there is no reason to push the pace.  5.04 mi in 54:21, a 10:47 pace.
Saturday, again the plan called for a slow and steady 5 miles.  No I swear it’s true!  The plan start to pick up after this week but I got a late start and was pretty beat, and I had 7 miles on the schedule for tomorrow along with all these excuses I was carrying around so 5K it was.  3.1 mi in 35:45, a slow 11:33 pace.

I normally don’t run on Sundays but I needed to run 3 days in a row to stay on plan and get my on/off days set to run next Sunday’s Rock n’ Roll half in Portland.  Today’s schedule called for “Steady” 7 miles between a 9:30-10:00 per mile pace.  I think the most miles I’ve run at an under 10 minute mile pace was 5 miles so this was going to be fun, but I did it with 2 minutes to spare!  Thanks spotty GPS coverage adding to my totals!  7 mi in 1:08:06 a 9:44 pace.
Miles run last week 25.2

Miles run this year 259.0
Miles left to 1K in 2013: 741.0 (22.45 miles per week over the next 33 weeks down 0.09 from last week)

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