Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Week in Review 7.14.13

Monday was my off day recovering from the hot run on Sunday.

Tuesday I made my way down to the track for some speed work.  After I did a mile warm up I alternated between a half mile fast and quarter mile slow with another mile cool down at the end.  After my run Julie asked me to go to a class with her at our gym called total body melt after work.  Being the good husband that I was I joined her after work and set up shop at the back of the all female room.  High intensity low weight strength training made for 50 minutes of non-stop movement working from your shoulders down to your legs.  I was completely tired but felt it gave me a good base to start more cross training on. 5 mi in 50:45 an 10:09 pace

Wednesday I was up again for a slow recovery run.  I was starting to get sore from the two-a-day the day before but I made myself get up and out to stretch the legs. 5  mi in 1:02:00 a 12:24 pace.

Thursday, I got up early and decided I hurt really badly (2 days after lifting is when they say you hurt more and I believe it) so I reset the alarm and went back to bed.  This was also the day that my company had its summer outing.  My arms hurt so much I could barely lift my beer but like all athletes who face adversity I fought through it.

Friday is normally an off day to get ready for the weekend runs, but since I slacked I had to go out for a short one.  I had to do it after work because I was still pretty sore when I woke up in the morning.  3.1 mi in 33:40 a 10:51 pace
Saturday I was up and out early again as I headed to the track still trying to shake off the lingering soreness, but at least I could scratch my nose without nearly breaking into tears!  5.1 mi in 55:53 a 10:57 pace

Sunday started the third heat wave of the summer, but I gathered myself feeling about 98% recovered from the hell class on Tuesday and made my way down to the Charles.  We got down there early (before Memorial was closed) and made my way around the river.  The heat was oppressive and once Memorial Drive was closed I decided to run up and down the three-quarters of a mile between it's start and JFK as it's in the shade.  Once I was done it was over to Moozey's for a well deserved smoothie. 9.8mi in 1:55:34 an 11:48 pace
Miles run last week 28.0
Miles run this year 425.3

Miles left to 1K in 2013: 574.7 (23.95 miles per week over the next 24 weeks down 0.16 from last week)

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