Monday, July 29, 2013

Week in Review 7.28.13

Lets join the action already in progress.

Tuesday I awoke just in time for it to start raining.  I was almost done with my audio book ('Blackout' book 3 of the Newsflesh trilogy) so I didn't want to leave my phone to run outside, so I headed over to the gym for some speed work.  A mile warm up and half mile cool down with intervals of quarter miles at around a 9 minute pace countered by one at about an 11 minute pace.  Overall I was fairly happy with the time. 5.0 mi in 52:38 a 10:32 pace

Wednesday I was out early to hit the hills.  I started off at the track with a steady 2.5 miles before heading up the street to run a pair of up and downs of the enormous hill near my house.  The hill gains 142 feet of elevation in 0.44 miles.  That's the same as the height of a 13 story building.  It's a steep climb but hopefully something that will pay off down the road.  5.2 mi in 1:01:27 an 11:49 pace

Thursday, I was back at the rack for some fartlek where you run at about 80-90% of your max speed for about 100 meters then a short recovery.  The trick is not running so fast that you need to walk during the recovery.  Using the track I used the straight aways as the speed sections and the turn for recovery.  5.1 mi in 50.05 an 9:49 pace

Friday is my normal an off day and it was just way too hot to run, but I did make my way to the Gym for some cross training. 1 hour of strength training on the various machines since I didn't make it to total body melt on Tuesday.
Saturday was just a slow 5 miles to get me ready for the long run on Sunday.  Running before my long run will help me feel as if I've actually run longer than I have and hopefully allow me to run farther and faster come race day.  5.1 mi in 55:49 a 10:57 pace

Sunday was my normal long run down by the Charles.  A couple of loops on my own but I felt as if I had made some good progress this week.  I had a good pace and with the run the day before, my legs were definitely feeling it towards the end, but it has set me up nicely for August and a return to the half September 1st!  13.1mi in 2:28:12 an 11:19 pace
Miles run last week 33.5
Miles run this year 482.4

Miles left to 1K in 2013: 517.6 (23.53 miles per week over the next 22 weeks down 0.43 from last week)

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