Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Week in review 7.21.13 (AKA Drewfest)

My birthday week kicked off with my normal rest day on Monday.  We were in the grip of a heat wave which would last until Saturday.

Tuesday I was still a bit sore from my run on Sunday and the lingering effects of total body melt a week earlier so I went out on a slow recovery run. 5.1 mi in 58:05 an 11:23 pace

Wednesday was my birthday and I had every intention of getting up and running but the drive back from the US Gold Cup match in Hartford the night before made me sleep in.

Thursday, I tried to make up for it going a bit farther than needed.  The heat even in the morning drained the energy, as it did the whole week, and the run became more of a death march than an enjoyable run.  5.3 mi in 1:02:51 an 11:51 pace

Friday is my normal an off day and it was just way too hot to run, but I did make my way to the Gym for some cross training.  1 hour of strength training on the various machines since I didn't make the hell class this week prepared me to try it again next week.
Saturday I set out on a 5 mile run that felt like I was running in pea soup.  I was hot tired and had the Mass Ave Mile the next day so after 5K I was done  3.1 mi in 36:44 a 11:52 pace

Sunday was the Mass Ave Mile sponsored by Marathon Sports.  If you didn't guess from the name it was a one mile race from Porter square to Harvard square.  There were just over 300 participants and it was a fun little run.  My goal was a sub 9 minute mile, and about half way through I had the thought of a sub 8 minute mile, but in the end I was happy with my time of 8:26.  After the race we grabbed Julie's bike and she met up with my aunt and uncle in town while I continued to run to get my miles in for my long run.  It got cut a bit short so we could join them for lunch all in all it was a nice little run!   10.1mi in 1:56:27 an 11:32 pace including the race mile
Miles run last week 23.6
Miles run this year 448.9

Miles left to 1K in 2013: 551.1 (23.96 miles per week over the next 23 weeks up 0.01 from last week)

Overall Place: 206/311 | 66.2%
Age Group: M 30-39
Age Group Place: 40/45 | 88.9%

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