Monday, October 7, 2013

Week In Review: 10.6.13

The Providence half is done now it's a week of training to try and get my first 10K in under an hour!

I took off Monday to give my legs a rest but headed back out on Tuesday to do some Fartleks at the track.  My legs haven't fully recovered so it wasn't as fast as I wanted but speed work is always a good thing (I think) 5.1 mi in 52:48 a 10:21 pace.

The course in Brooklyn looks pretty flat but I decided to throw in some hills anyways.  Going up Waverly ave is about a 0.6 mile one way and offers a steady incline, then levels off for about a tenth of a mile before a more sever incline for the remainder of the hill.  The 80 feet of elevation gain offers a good hill workout without putting too much pressure on the legs on the way down. 5.0 mi in 55:52 an 11:10 pace

Since the race (and the next) is on a Saturday I took an extra day off to have my long run fall on a Saturday, so Friday ended up being my slow day down at the track.  I made it a bit longer since I was only running 4 days this week.  6.1 mi in 1:05:18 a 10:42 pace

Saturday was a long/taper run down to John Brewers then down rt 20 towards the center of town then back up and over to track to push it during the straights.  Can't push it too much since Rock n' Roll Brooklyn is next week!  8.7 mi in 1:32:23 a 10:37 pace

Miles run last week 24.9

Miles run this year 746.5

Miles left to 1K in 2013: 253.5 (21.13 miles per week over the next 12 weeks down 0.29 from last week)

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