Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Week in review 10.27.13

One good week of training before I taper for Savannah and our last half of the year.

Monday I headed down to the track for some fartleks.  I was hovering right around 10 minute miles for the 4 miles and afterwards I still felt pretty good.  If I could only run afterwork so it wasn't so freaking dark! 5.2 mi in 53:25 a 10:16 pace.

Tuesday I headed back down to the track trying to keep my race pace in sight.  At 10:23 I was a bit slow but it's still below a 2:20 pace!  5mi in 51:52 a 10:23 pace

Wednesday I headed out to do the Waverly Ave hill again.  Three times down and back and my hamstring was feeling pretty tight.  The cold weather is definately getting tome.  5 mi in 53:32 a 10:42 pace

Friday I made my way around the neighborhood for a slow run before my long run on Saturday.  Nothing special to report here 5mi in 54:49 an 10:58 pace.

Saturday I headed out for a long run. I started out to John Brewers and back before heading down to the track to do a little speedwork towards the end of the run.  The thinking behind this is to be able to run the second half a race FASTER than the first half which is called a negative split (sounds painful doesn't it).  Well I started off pretty good out of the gate getting down to the track at just about 6 miles a 1:02:37 then really pushed it doing the second 6 miles in 59:16 shaving off over 3 minutes.  All told it was 12mi in 2:01:53 a 10:09 pace.   

Also of note every run this week was a sub 10 minute pace the the long run on Saturday put in on pace for a PR.  Can't ask for anything more.  Time to taper.  Rock N Roll Savannah in 2 weeks!

Miles run last week 32.2

Miles run this year 821.1

Miles left to 1K in 2013: 178.9 (19.31 miles per week over the next 9 weeks down 1.8mi from last week)

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