Monday, November 18, 2013

Week in Review 11.17.13

All my halfs are done for this year and it doesn't look like I'll be accepted to any Boston Marathon charity teams so I officially don't have anything to train for except for myself.

Monday I headed out for a recovery run.  I was still pretty sore from Saturday's race so I wasn't pushing the pace much but I was pleasantly surprised at my time. 5.0 mi in 55:54 an 11:10 pace.

On Tuesday, it was forecasted to rain and snow and since I don't have anything to train for I thought I would try something different to see if I wanted to do something crazy, so I got up extra early just after 4 so I could go to my gym which is open 27 hours a day and run them bike!  I woke up got ready and jumped in the car and headed down to Work out World only to find the hours have changed and they didn't update their website.  I headed back home and made my way down to the track for some fartleks instead. 5.2mi in 53:39 a 10:19 pace

Wednesday I headed back out to Wavery Ave for some hills work.  I guess I didn't charge my garmin because not long after setting out I got a low battery warning and instead of a beep and vibration to mark mile 3 it shut off (but came back later for one mile before conking out for good), so I broke out my trusty dusty runkeeper app and used that to record the last two miles combining the two for my time and mil age.  The last two miles were slower so I'm blaming that on the GPS error not me getting tired.5.0 mi in 52:46 an 10:33 pace

Normally I rest on Thursday and run on Friday but I have some blood work coming up so that last thing I want to do is run then not being able to eat for a couple of hours afterwards so I made it 4 days in a row with my run today.  I woke up early (but about 15 minutes later than I wanted thanks to the Snooze button) at 4:15 and geared up for a cold 5 mile pace run around the neighborhood.  It was a bit slower than I would have liked but overall I was pretty happy. 5mi in 53:39 a 10:44 pace.  Next the reason I got us so early, the bike.  After my run I jumped in the car and headed down to the gym (now that I know it opens at 5) to do some work on the stationary bike alternating between resistance level 7 & 8.  Since I woke up late I only had enough time to do 30 minutes (8.1 miles in 30:10 a pace for an average speed of 16.11 MPH) but even after that my legs were a bit wobbly.  This is my first attempt as such a work out so we'll see how my body reacts and if I think I do a triathlon next year.

Since I didn't really have much to train for except my 5 mile turkey trot just under 2 weeks away I didn't go very long like I usually do on Saturday (plus I was hoping to talk Julie into going to the spin class after I ran but her leg was a bit sore from last week's race so it was just a down and back to John Brewers with a couple of detours to get up to 5 miles. 5.3mi in 55:10 a 10:25 pace

Miles run last week 25.5 (assuming I finish Savannah)

Miles run this year 892.1

Miles left to 1K in 2013: 107.9 (17.98 miles per week over the next 6 weeks down 1.08 mi from last week)

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