Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Week In Review 11.3.13

Taper week before my last half of the year.

Monday I headed down to the track for some fartleks after an extended warm up.  My pace was a little slower than normal but I think that was because my hamstring was really hurting.  You need to know when to back off a little and running in the cold is bringing all the aches and pains out of my old body.  5.1 mi in 53:26 a 10:29 pace.

Tuesday I took an extra day off since my leg was a bit sore and I was out for Monday night football, but Wednesday I headed back out to do the Waverly Ave hill again. Three times down and back with a warm up lap. 5.4 mi in 1:00:08 a 11:08 pace

Friday was a nice warm day so I was able to run in a just a tech tee (and shorts). no jacket required at this restaurant! 5.1mi in 56:50 an 11:09 pace.

Saturday I was supposed to do 8-10 miles as a taper but I also had some cross training in mind, namely digging out fence posts until I have blisters on my hands.  But I blew that goal out of the water!  I got blisters on top of blisters but all the posts are down and I have a new pick-ax. 5.5mi in 56:53 a 10:21 pace

Miles run last week 21.1

Miles run this year 842.2

Miles left to 1K in 2013: 157.8 (19.72 miles per week over the next 8 weeks down 0.16 mi from last week)

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