Friday, November 22, 2013

Week In Review 11.24.13

Monday it was forecasted to be rainy so I got up early to run at the Gym.  Julie again didn't want to go to spin class so I headed over to the Watertown Boston Sports Club where I had gotten a two week trial membership.  It was less crowded than Workout World and a bit cleaner, plus they have a pool so if I'm going to start going for triathlons I'll need that.  Weather at WoW or BSC running on a treadmill sucks.  5.0 mi in 51:22 a 10:16 pace. 

On Monday night I tried to make it to a spin class at BSC but couldn't make it despite running home so I continued my run since it was a nice night out.  Legs were a bit heavy since I ran this morning but it nice to get in some extra mileage.  6.2 mi in 1:10:44 an 11:25 pace

Since I ran twice on Monday, on Tuesday, I decided to check out the pool at BSC.  I did 30 minutes and 24 laps..I think.  I lost track in the middle and either added or lost 1 or 2.  In the 20 yard pool it ended up being 960 yards or 0.55 miles or a 54.33 pace.  After I dried off I changed and headed over to the stationary bike for another 30 minutes.  It wasn't as fast as last weeks but the swimming really left me tired.  After the combination of both I was so hungry I actually would have considered eating at Arby's 7.48mi in 30:00 a 14:96 MPH average pace

Wednesday I headed back out to Wavery Ave early for some hills work since the turkey trot next week has some ups and downs. I was pretty cold, and I didn't have my garmin because around 3AM it started resetting itself and beeping, which was a nice wake up call.  It felt even colder because I was going to a spin class after so I only wore shorts rather than long pants.  After a warm up lap around the neighborhood I started my trek down.  The run was uneventful and I added a bit of a detour towards the middle school to add a another mini hill and make sure I got to 5 miles.  5 mi in 53:08 a 10:38 pace

After the run I headed down to BSC for my first ever spin class.  I got there early so I warmed up with a half mile on the elliptical before I headed into the spin studio and finding a bike in the back.  I got situated on my bike trying it seated and standing and only knocking my knee against the handlebars twice before I figured out how to adjust them.  The class was about three quarters full and as the instructor came in he asked who was at a spin calss for their first time, and proceeded came around to the 3 of us noobies so make sure we were positioned correctly.  I thought I was good but I had to bring my seat up a notch after taking it down a notch.  After a short warm up we were off and the class was pretty intense, up, down, up down, increase resistance, decrease resistance, faster, slower (yes I am describing the class get your mind out of the gutter), at least that's what I think he was saying the mic made him a little hard to understand, so I just followed along with the people in front of me.  The music a mix of electronica, sped up pop and a little Metallica kept me motivated throughout.  I think if I hadn't run I could of pushed myself a bit harder but as it was my legs were screaming by the end and felt like I could eat a horse.  Seeing at there were no horses in my fridge I had a bagel from Iggy's instead.  12.4 mi in 47:20 an 15.72MPH pace

I really enjoyed the rest day on Thursday from all the new stuff I've been trying, and Friday I headed down to the track for some speed work.  I tried to get my 5mi run which under 10 minutes a mile.  Not only was I able to do this, but I was able to keep all my mile splits under 10 minutes and I did it in my Glycerins which are about a pound heavier than the Ghosts which I race in.  I think the heart rate monitor part of my Garmin wasn't right as it had my heart rate pretty low especially during mile 4.  Either way that pace was enough to keep me ahead of the 5 mile pace I ran 2 years ago during the same race so hopefully it will be a new PR for me next week!  5.1mi in 49.09 a 9:39 pace

Saturday I woke up early to get a run in before we headed down to PA for Thanksgiving.  The track was completely empty so I ran on the wild side going clockwise with right hand turns rather than counter clockwise.  CRAAAAZZZZYYYY!  Before heading home and then to the Diner for some breakfast.  After a slight detour to Sullivan Tire for some new tires after Julie hit the curb in her car we were on our way to PA for the Bucks County 5 miler! 5.2mi in 54:28 a 10:29 pace

Miles run last week 26.5

Miles run this year 918.6

Miles left to 1K in 2013: 81.4 (16.28 miles per week over the next 5 weeks down 1.7 mi from last week)

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