Monday, December 23, 2013

Week in Review 12.22.13

OK seriously, this Sunday it's the Marathon Sports Jingle Bell run in Somerville.

Monday morning was cold and the previous day's snow, sleet and rain made everything from the roads to the un-shoveled sidewalks a complete sheet of ice, so Julie and I headed down to the gym for an early run.  I started off just below the 11 minute per mile pace for the first mile before speeding it up.  I consistently ran less than 10 minute miles for the remaining time at a 1% incline.  I'm not sure if it's the temperature difference between BSC and WoW or just my higher level of training, but this was the first time I actually felt good on a treadmill!  5 mi in 48:58 a 9:48 pace.

Tuesday I made my way back to the gym. With more snow in the forecast I figured getting there on Wednesday morning might be a pain.    5 mi in 51:44 a 10:21 pace

Thursday I headed back to the gym because everything was still covered in snow.  Started off just under 10 minute miles and decided to do negative split training where each section is faster than the next. First miles I did at 9:56, second at 9:55, third at 9:48, fourth at 9:27 and the firth at 9:01 despite the treadmill being at or above the 7 MPH mark the whole mile!  5 mi in 47:36 a 9:31 pace

Friday I headed back to the gym for some training and my second ever spin class.  This one was much more crowded than my first and I had some trouble finding a bike that worked, one had a loose seat, one didn't have a pedal, I finally found one I liked only to find out once we got started that the computer didn't work!  45 minutes of tough hills pounded out to a bunch of 80's hits to get you ready for Christmas! 49:22 minutes on the bike covering ??? hours

Saturday was my first group run for Boston Children's.  We met at their Waltham location at 8 for a running form clinic.  It was great to meet some of the other members of the team who were wonderful people and had some great stories.  The clinic lasted about an hour and after a short group warm-up we headed out.  Some people did less than my 6 and some did more, but for those at my mileage there were a number of people around my same pace.  The rout headed out and made its way to Moody street down towards Newtown and then inbound on 16.  It had some nice hills to contend with to get us ready for the Marathon.  About 30 minutes in I hit the Newtown firehouse I'll be passing in April (coming from the other way and headed back).  It was wonderful having someone to run with and I found myself talking to a number of people along the way.  Also since many of the people were a little faster than me I really pushed it to keep up with them which I think will help on race day!  5.9 mi in 57:27 a 9:45 pace

Sunday's race was a lot of fun.  It was technically a cross-training day for me so I didn't want to push the pace too much, but I couldn't help myself from keeping under 10 minute miles.  I hope to have the race report up soon!  3.1 mi in 30:45 a 9:54 pace.

Miles run last week 24

Miles run this year 1003.2

Miles left to 1K in 2013: None with a week and a half to spare!!!

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