Monday, December 9, 2013

Week in Review 12.8.13

Monday was misty and dreary as I headed down to the track after a couple of days off over the weekend.  I started doing some fartleks then turned it into a pace run.  I think I'll do some more speed work tomorrow in preparation of my 5K next Saturday.   5.3 mi in 55:40 a 10:31 pace.

Tuesday I did the same thing as Monday with a warm up down to the track with some fartleks mixed in.  Like I said I'm not really training for anything so no need to push it.  5.3mi in 55:04 a 10:24 pace

Wednesday I woke up a bit late, again I'm not really training for anything so no need to push it, and hit the Waverly ave hill again.  Just two times up and down this week though since I got a late start and have jalapeño-cheddar bagels waiting for me at home.  4 mi in 43:38 a 10:55 pace

Thursday and Friday I took off so I can start getting ready for a long run in preparation of my newest race.

Saturday I headed out on my first real long run since the Savannah half back in November.  I had my annual physical on Friday so the doc gave me a couple of stretches to do and told me I should be stretching before and after my run since "35 is when things start to go pop".  After my new stretching ritual, I headed out.  There was a coating of snow on the ground which made for some nice views, but after a while it started to warm up.  I was tight for about the first two miles but after that I felt pretty good as I headed over to Waltham and down to route 20.  The first half I kepts things about 10:30 (ahead of my Boston goal of 11 minutes) and when I hit the big hill just after mile 4 I thought I would slow down but I actually go stronger.  Good sign for the training ahead I hope! 7 mi in 1:13:16 a 10:28 pace

Miles run last week 21.6

Miles run this year 959

Miles left to 1K in 2013: 41 (13.67 miles per week over the next 3 weeks down 1.98 mi from last week)

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