Monday, December 2, 2013

Week In Review 12.1.13

Race Week for the Bucks County 5 Miler on Thanksgiving Morning

Monday was freezing.  20 degrees as I made my way outside for a run.  Being own in PA gave me a nice change in scenery, with the downside being many of the roads don't have sidewalks.  I headed out around the development braving the cold, bitter wind and sunglare.  When I was almost done my Garmin decided to restart once mile 5 was done.  I broke out runkeeper for the rest and then stood in front of the fire for about an hour to warm up.  Thankfully Thursday is supposed to be a bit warmer.  5.3 mi in 55:53 a 10:33 pace.

Tuesday was a bit warmer and since i had a race on Thursday I took it a bit easy and only did one of the two laps from the day before.  3.2mi in 34 minutes even a 10:38 pace

Thursday morning, race day!  It was cold and windy (especially the back half).  Look for my race report soon!  5 mi in 45:59 a 9:12 pace

Friday I headed down to the track.  I did a bit of speed work and a bit just trying to keep warm, both of which I wasn't very successful at.  My legs felt heavy from the race the day before but I gutted out to make sure I did more than my 16.28 miles so that I was on track for 1,000 miles in 2013.  5.3 mi in 55:40 a 10:31 pace

Miles run last week 18.8

Miles run this year 937.4

Miles left to 1K in 2013: 62.6 (15.65 miles per week over the next 4 weeks down 0.63 mi from last week)

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