Monday, August 5, 2013

Week In review 8.4.13

This week I return to the total body melt class with my eyes set on joining it twice. Lets join the action already in progress.

Tuesday I awoke just in time for it to start raining. I was almost done with my audio book ('Blackout' book 3 of the Newsflesh trilogy) so I didn't want to leave my phone to run outside, so I headed over to the gym for some speed work. A mile warm up and half mile cool down with intervals of quarter miles at around a 9 minute pace countered by one at about an 11 minute pace. Overall I was fairly happy with the time. 5.0 mi in 52:38 a 10:32 pace

Wednesday has become hills day around Watertown where i tackle the 142 foot Common St. hill. I upped the number of climbs from 2 last week to 3 this week and the time showed it. In addition to running there was a lot of cross training involved. I rode my bike down and back to the bus (1.6 miles each way) and down and back to the gym (2 mi each way) for some strength training. It being last day of July runkeeper informed me that I set a number of new monthly personal records for running including most distance (120.7mi), time running (22:37:54), elevation climbed (5,597ft) and number of runs (21). Not bad for a month's work, but lets see what August brings. 4.9 mi in 1:02:04 a 12:40 pace

Thursday, my legs were pretty tore up from the running and biking. My car was in the shop getting some work done so I ran over to Arlington to pick it up. The rolling terrain made for a nice challenge and although my GPS lost me at one point I had it mapped out before hand to make sure I got my mileage in. 5 mi in 1:02:09 a 12:29 pace

Friday I took my normal off day and headed to the gym for some more strength training which is becomming more of a staple in my training.
Saturday I had to switch it up as we planned on taking my niece and nephews to Mystic aquarium on Sunday, so I set out on my long run a day early taking a couple of down and backs to Waltham then spending the last couple of miles around the track doing fartleks on the straightaways.  I was a little dehydrated at the end but otherwise felt really good, and I'm finally over the 500 mile marker for the year. 16 miles or bust next week! 14.05 mi in 2:37:36 an 11:13 pace
Miles run last week 28.95
Miles run this year 511.6

Miles left to 1K in 2013: 488.4 (23.26 miles per week over the next 21 weeks down 0.27 from last week)

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