Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Week In Review 8.11.13

Three more weeks of training before the Rock 'n' Roll Virginia Beach Half, time to get serious!!!

Monday I made my way to the gym for an early morning of strength training.  40 minutes going from machine to machine then some time on the mat working on core muscles.

Tuesday officially stared the training week with some more speed work.  Half mile warm up and cool down with alternating intervals of 0.35 mi under  10 minutes with a 0.15 mi recover period.  5.1 mi in 51:21 a 10:05 pace.  But wait there's more!  I forgot my keys at the track so I added in another slow mile so I could actually get into my house bringing the total to 6.1 miles on the day.

Wednesday I took a break from the large common street hill to do a series of laps near my house which had a series of smaller hills.  The elevation gain on this circuit is much less (only about 30 feet), but it more closely resembled what I'd see in Virginia Beach on Labor day, and I feel I get more out of this series rather than trying to concur one big hill which after the second run I need to walk part of the way up.  6.0 mi in 1:06:59 an 11:10 pace

Thursday I beat the rain, well most of it and after a mile warm up I got in 4.5 miles of fartlek at the track.  Not as fast as two weeks ago but by the end I was 3 miles farther than then so I can't complain. 6 mi in 1:04:04 a 10:40 pace

Friday I really wanted to get to the gym for some strength training but I just really needed to sleep in and take a day off so no workout for me today.
Saturday I put in a slow 6 miles before my long run on Sunday in order to help simulate the later stages of a race.  By running before my long run hopefully I'll still have something left in the tank at the end of a race!  6.1 mi in 1:03:09 a 10:21 pace.

Sunday I hoped to get 16 miles in but jumping 2 miles on the long run and 6 miles overall was just too much to take.  I got in a number of round trips down to Waltham taking up just over 12 mile of the run, then over to the track for some fartlek to finish it out.  I didn't break the 40 mile barrier, but it was my best week of running to date, and took over a mile off my weekly running target to hit 1K!  Time for a bit of a taper before the Rock 'n' Roll Virginia Beach! 15.0 mi in 2:45:18 an 11:01 pace
Miles run last week 39.2
Miles run this year 550.8

Miles left to 1K in 2013: 449.2 (22.46 miles per week over the next 20 weeks down 0.9 from last week)

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