Monday, August 19, 2013

Week In Review 8.18.13

AHHH the start of the taper, the (not so) long run never felt so good.

Monday was an off day.  I skipped strength training so that I could go to a gym class on Tuesday.

Tuesday I wasn't fully recovered from the long run on Sunday so my run was slow but I got all my miles in.  6 mi in 1:05:26 a 10:54 pace.  Later in the day after work I headed to Work out World for total body melt!  A different (much less angry) instructor this class but like last time, I was the token dude in the class.  The trainer today focused on more cardio than flat out strength training with 4 minutes of strength training followed by 2 minutes of hard cardio for the 50 minutes of class.  I felt better at the end but I've come to the conclusion that all trainers are masochists no matter now nice they may be.

Wednesday since I didn't get to do any speed work on Tuesday I made Wednesday the fast day.  A half mile warm up and cool down with 0.42miles fast followed by 0.08 mile of recovery.  Even with the warm up and cool down I managed to keep the pace under 10 minutes.  Now I need to complete it with 5 full miles of fast next week.  We'll see how it goes.  6.0 mi in 59:18 a 9:53 pace.

Thursday I did an after work run since getting up at 4:40AM everyday is tiring.  To the track batman for some Fartleks.  4.3 mi in 43:10 a 10:04 pace

Friday I was back at the gym for my normal bout of strength training.  I read this week I should try to do my strength training on days I've already run as to not over train, well my schedule is set at least in the short term.  We'll see what happens going forward.
Saturday I put in a slow 5.4 miles, then headed down to the Charles for a 9.4 mile row! 5.4 mi in 59:45 a 11:04 pace

Sunday was pretty rough.  I think I over trained a bit with the double workouts on Tuesday and Saturday and I was sluggish and tired all day.  As a result I couldn't get any type of long mileage in and had to settle for a 5K to make something of the day.  I headed to bed early in hopes of pulling my self together for the next week. 3.1 mi in 33:04 a 10:40 pace
Miles run last week 24.8
Miles run this year 575.6

Miles left to 1K in 2013: 424.4 (22.34 miles per week over the next 19 weeks down 0.12 from last week)

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