Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Week in Review: 9.1.13

Race week for the Rock n' Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon

I started my race week on Tuesday with a recovery run to get my legs streatched out for the race on sunday.  Nothing fancy just nice and steady in the humidity.  5.3 mi in 1:00:00 an 11:19 pace.

Wednesday I did something different since I only had 5K to do I decided I would wake up a little early and run to the gym, lift for about 40 min then run home.  It was DARK (it's getting dark too soon and light too late now) but I made it down without getting hit by a car.  It was a bit different tying to work the core muscles after a run, and then starting the run back home all I could think is "my arms are tired I want to walk".  What tired arms mean to walking I don't know but I was whooped.  3.7mi in 41:37 an 11:15 pace

Thursday was a standard 5K down at the track nothing fancy.  3.1 mi in 1:18:47 an 11:06 pace

Friday and Saturday I'm off but you can read all about my time at the beach along with my Sunday run in my race report.  I hope to have it up after not too long!
Miles run last week 25.2
Miles run this year 626.3

Miles left to 1K in 2013: 373.7 (21.98 miles per week over the next 17 weeks down another 0.18 from last week)

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