Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Boring Days of Training 1.19-1.21.14

Sunday through Tuesdays on my training plan have been pretty standard, cross-train, easy, intervals.

This Sunday we were heading up to meet some friends for brunch as Massa on the Woburn line.  Our 10:30 reservation meant that we weren't able to do spin at 9:30 so I headed to BSC right when it opened and headed to one of the stationary bikes.  I did 35 minutes there not pushing myself really hard as I was still a bit drained from the run on Saturday.  After my 14 plus miles there (not sure why I only wrote down 14) I headed over for some weightlifting and core work.  I’m glad I cut it a bit short because when I walked out it was snowing again!  I showered up and we headed to Massa (http://www.masarestaurant.com/) which was a wonderful brunch with my “Ultimate Breakfast Burrito” and reasonably priced too!  If you've never been before I suggest you check it out.

Monday was pretty boring if I'm being honest.  4 easy miles on the Waverly Ave hill.  I had to get up extra early to finish my run in time to take Julie to the airport (again) but I somehow still managed to wake before my 4AM alarm.  

I headed out for a warm up lap around my neighborhood before tackling the up and down twice.  I might need to change this route up heading up and down Belmont street, for a change in scenery, but I'm hesitant since Waverly is wider and has less traffic.

Tuesday I woke up to bitter cold.  I set up an interval workout on Runkeeper, geared up and drove down to the river.  I found some street parking and then wondered if the pending snow would mean I would get towed faster. Only time would tell as I locked up Julie's car and headed out.  I decided to go with the river as the path on the southern side is plowed where as the track I knew was covered with snow.  

As I headed out I was cold and my Audible app wouldn't work properly.  Trying to play with the iPhone and run resulted in some frozen fingers but I finally got it working.  I headed out towards Brighton fighting the wind.  After a slow-ish warm up mile at 10:24 I headed into my first half mile interval at blistering 4:38 followed by another recovery at 5:18.  I plowed through another fast interval at 4:42 but I was really freaking cold my hands had warmed up by my core felt really cool.  Also when the really cold weather comes my knee bothers me.  The combination of the knee and cold along with the fear of getting Julie's car towed made me bail on the rest of the work out, but I did find a place to park my car for Thursday!  I did another 0.8 miles just under 10 minute miles and headed to the car.  I'll have to try and make up some mileage on Thursday!

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