Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Recovery Run 1.13.14

"Ouch" is all I have to say.  After taking Sunday off because I felt stiff and sore Monday morning came and I felt only moderately better but headed out on a slow recovery run.   I headed out with the intention of just going to the track so I didn't take my lighted visor, but decided to take a lap around the neighborhood first.  About half way around the loop I realized my mistake as I had very little light and needed to run in the road to avoid tripping like I did last week.  After that thankfully uneventful loop I headed down to the track.  I picked the track so I could zone out and not worry about uneven footing or cars and just zone out and listen to my mediocre book "The deep zone".  It's kind of boring in my humble opinion, but it's starting to pick up for the last 10%.

It was about 32 degrees so I thought I would be fine in shorts and a long sleeve tech shirt. which normally I would be, but since this was an easy run I wasn't pushing myself very hard I ended up warming up as I was used to.  As a result it was a cold run!

The track was pretty uneventful, but reminded me of a spring or fall day as the one guy who runs intervals the other way and the group of ladies doing some sort of boot camp training were both there while I thought I would have the track all to myself.  I was able to keep my pace around 11:20 the whole time with each mile getting a bit slower as I tried not to push myself.

A couple of laps later I was at 3.5 miles and headed home along Orchard where I again cursed myself for not wearing a light and had to step carefully along the sidewalk.  Thankfully I made it to the end of my 4 miles without incident and headed home where some farmers market Sausage waited to be cooked for breakfast!

4 mi in 45:20 an 11:20 pace

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