Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Week In Review 1.5.14

Monday is the day for a recovery run.  I think I finally got the hang of this easy (aka slow) thing down.  I headed out early since I had to take Julie to the airport at 6:30 and found the roads to be a bit slippery.  I took care not to "superman" out on the road shortening my stride, it was a nice easy run that got the juices flowing but didn't leave me feeling tired.  A quick shower and it's off to the airport.  3.1 mi in 35:56 an 11:36 pace.

New Year's eve I headed two the track on a cold morning (14 freakin degrees) for some interval training.  Half mile warm up followed by intervals of a half a mile at around 9 minute miles followed by another half mile of recovery with a half mile cool down.  After my run it was time to go to the dentist and run some errands before a quiet night at home eating way too many wings and drinking some sangria!   5 mi in 48:19 a 9:40 pace

Wednesday was supposed to be may day off but with a storm coming I switched with Thursday and did a tempo run.  I snaked my way down the familiar rout towards John Brewers (where I bought all the wings the night before) successfully keeping my pace at less than 10 minutes per mile until the cool down mile on the back end around my neighborhood (10:35).  This was my first sponsored run by Gus, Ty and Stephanie Solivan!  Thanks guys!    6 mi in 59:51 a 9:59 pace

Friday was my cross training day which was broken out into two parts 1) shoveling the foot of snow we got and 2) 30 minutes on the newly cleaned elliptical.

Saturday was scheduled to be brutally cold, but I dutiful woke up at 6:15 to get ready for group run number three for Boston Children's.  I got breakfast together and started checking my e-mail as I ate and found out that because of the cold weather and snowy conditions that practice had been cancelled, and we were encouraged to either run on a treadmill or later in the day when it warmed up.  Since I was already up I check the opening time of the BSC and saw it as 6:30 so I got ready in my shorts and short-sleeves (since I was running inside), downed a Gu and headed out the door.  I arrived at BSC about 7:30 only to find it closed.  Apparently Google pulled up the Waltham hours so there I was freezing my butt off in shorts outside the gym, so I quickly made my way over to Panera for a hot coffee to warm myself up while I listened to my book on tape.  After a half hour the gym was open and I braved the cold again to start my run.  I jumped on the treadmill and now my headphones weren't working.  Two hours on the treadmill with nothing to listen to.  I guess today just wasn't my day, but after that the run went pretty well using a 1.5% incline (normally I've been using 1% but I might as well start liking the hills) as I covered 6.2 miles in the first 60 minutes (the limit on the gym machines).  I downed a second Gu and started in again going pretty good just above the 6.2 MPH but with just a little over a mile to go I really hit the wall.  I think since I took that first Gu so early I was a bit low on fuel, but I fought through it to finish well under the 10 minute pace. After I hopped of the treadmill I went over and did some lunges and squats before heading home. This run was graciously sponsored by Dick and LJ Pasternak down in PA.  10 mi in 1:37:04 a 9:42 pace

Sunday is again a cross training day headed back to the gym for another spin class.  Julie was feeling a bit under the weather so I headed in alone.  This being so close to the new year I knew it would be packed so I headed down early even though I had signed up in advanced, and I was right.  There was maybe one bile available by the time class started.  Getting there early allowed me to up on early and get some miles done before class started.  The 4th new teacher I've had (only had the same person twice so far) was pretty intense often jumping off the bike to encourage people up close.  I pushed myself pretty hard and by the time I was done I felt like I needed a new shirt!  After the ride I did some light weights but was pretty wiped to do much of anything  1 hour 6 minutes on the bike covering 19.6 miles

Miles run last week 24.1

14 Weeks until the Boston Marathon!!!

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