Friday, January 17, 2014

Training 1.16 & 1.17 Tempro Run and Cross-Training

Work was pretty busy yesterday so I didn't get a chance to do a quick recap of my training so here's a 2 for 1 special.

Thursday morning I rose with the goal of a 4.5 mile tempo run.  I headed out for a quick once around the neighborhood before I headed down towards the center of town to complete my warm up mile.  The first mile I held back warming up and getting ready for my pace run.  Just before the track I hit 1 mile and picked up the pace.  I headed down past the school and through the square keeping on the north side of the Charles.

The first mile was good at a 9:40 pace, but the lighting on this side left something to be desired once you move off the square.  A little more than halfway through mile two there is a pretty nice sized hill which ate up a little bit of time but not too bad pushing my time to 9:52 for the mile.  Normally I run by the river but there was no way I was attempting that narrow trail (which I know at one point has a tree over it) in the dark.  My plan was to turn around at mile 3.5 and go back the way I came, but I was close to the bridge that I could use to get to the south bank of the river so I went a bit father and crossed over.  This side it lighted much better and is much flatter the whole way.  Running along this side finished mile 3 (9:44) and 4 (9:39).  Just after mile 4 I found myself at my daily bus stop waiting for the light to change.  A quick cross and through the square I picked it up for the last 200 yards or so to bring the final half mile down to 4:34.  Overall the 4.5 mile pace run was 43:27 or a 9:39 pace, much faster than I hope to run on race day.

Out of breath but with my legs feeling pretty good I started my cool down heading down route 20 giving a walker with two big dogs a wide birth as they barked and strained at their leashes.  I finished up with a slow jog up Waverly Ave finishing on a nice hill.

6.5 mi in 1:05:31 a 10:05 pace

Friday morning Julie and I headed over to the BSC for a spin class with our favorite instructor.  Today she was having a class right up my alley, 90's music!  I didn't want to push myself as hard as I had been because my legs were trashed after the 11 mile run last week, and I wanted to have something in the tank to do some cross training and weight lifting on Sunday.

I started a little early trying to get to the 60 minutes of cross training per the schedule.  Throughout the class I didn't turn the resistance up to much but tried to keep my cadence around 85 to make up for it.  It seemed to work as my heart rate was above 130 when I was done, but my legs didn't feel nearly as sore as they had in the past.

The 90's music was a good mix from the entire decade.  At one point the class got to choose between Ace of Base and No Doubt, and for some strange reason only me and one other lady had the good taste to select No Doubt.  Unfortunately there was no Puffy Daddy and the Family, but thankfully the set list only included on boy band song, before throwing in "Baby Got Back" near the end to get the motivation really going (or would that message demotivate people, I'm not sure).

15.85 mi in 50:30 an average speed of 18.83 MPH

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