Friday, January 24, 2014

Cross-Training 1.24.13

Friday morning I set the alarm extra early to make sure I could get the whole 60 minutes of cross training in today.  My plans we foiled by a slap to the snooze button, but I was up and out earlier than normal.  A quick (because it was freaking cold out and I my car wasn't very war) drive over to BSC and I claimed a spot in my spin class.

Even with the snooze I was early so I stretched and started in with a light bike ride.  The class started to fill in around me and after one quick warm-up song we were off in earnest.  Amanda pushed us today starting off with a lot of jumps (which I've been skipping to try and save my legs for Saturday's group long run) and some up hill sprints.  I pushed myself harder than last week but not 100%, even still my legs were pretty tired by the end, tired but not sore.  All in all I just missed the 60 minute mark.

15.6 mi in 54:15 a 17.25 MPH pace

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