Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Interval Training 1.14.14

Tuesday morning was another nice (relatively) warm morning.  After a short warm-up I headed back to the track from some speed work doing half mile intervals 5 times. The guide says that I should be doing them at my goal time in minutes (just moving the hours into minutes and minutes into seconds), so in my case for 5 hours I should be doing my half mile intervals in 5 minutes but as always I have to do better than that.

The weather was nice as I did just over a mile warm up around the neighborhood before heading down to the track.  The track isn't the most interesting place so I again decided to listen to my audio book starting in on book two of the Black Flagged series by Stephen Konkoly. 

The intervals started out good with each interval being around 15 seconds ahead of pace, and I was feeling good during the recoveries. The last interval was a killer thought and really had to struggle to make it under pace.  After a light jog back home it was time for some breakfast!

Interval Milage Time Pace
Warm Up 1.09 11:31 10:35
Fast 1 0.52 4:46 9:10
Recovery 0.47 5:00 10:38
Fast 2 0.52 4:47 9:16
Recovery 0.50 5:17 10:28
Fast 3 0.51 4:43 9:11
Recovery 0.50 5:22 10:43
Fast 4 0.51 4:45 9:19
Recovery 0.51 5:26 10:42
Fast 5 0.51 4:53 9:38
Cool Down 0.86 9:53 11:32
Overall 6.50 1:06:23 10:13

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