Monday, January 13, 2014

Week In Review 1.12.14

Monday started off rainy so I decided to try the BSC in my building for a change.  I headed down just after 11:30 to grab a new paid of headphones and beat the rush.  The gym was hot and it made the slow recovery run feel much harder than it should have.  Also I think running on the treadmill for so long on Saturday gave me a case of nipple chafe which was exacerbated by this quick run.  Ouch!  It's nice having a gym in my building but it was pretty crowded (especially the locker room) so I think I'll just try to use the gym as a shower when I run to work when it gets warmer rather than on my lunch break going forward. 4 mi in 44:34 an 11:09 pace

Tuesday was supposed to be cold and icy so I got ready (with pants to get to the gym, I learned my lesson from Sunday) and headed to BSC for interval training sponsored by my old PwC co-worker Emily White!  As I made my way out it was cold but much warmer than expected (18 degrees) from what the new folks had been talking about.  Half mile warm up followed by intervals of a half a mile at 6.6 MPH followed by another half mile of recovery (at 5.7-5.8 MPH) with a half mile cool down.  After my run I got dressed and headed over to Panera for some breakfast since I was running a bit late and didn't want to make something at home.  I'm not sure if it was the sweat from running or the wind (or both), but it was SIGNIFICANTLY colder than it was when I got in.  The cold is settling in, but Saturday looks pretty warm for our group run! 5.5 mi in 53:19 a 9:42 pace

Wednesday was a nice day off so I headed out Thursday for a tempo run feeling pretty good.  Adding to my good luck was the heatwave that has taken over New England.  That's right it was nearly twice as warm on Thursday than it was Wednesday making it a balmy 12 degrees (vs 7 on Wed).  I decided to take a different route today rather than the normal down and back to John Brewers so I headed out and did a lap around the neighborhood for a warm up before heading down past the track and out to Mount Auburn St, before taking a right on Main.  This portion is all pretty much down hill so I was able to keep my times under 10 minutes (despite what RunKeeper says).  From here Main has a slight incline all the way to the police station so I fell off my pace a bit for mile 3, but pushed it and made it back under 10 the rest of the way.  As I hit John Brewers I took a left and headed for home.  About a quarter mile from being done I caught my foot on a tree root and nearly did my best "Superman" impression but I was able to catch myself.  It didn't feel like much at the time but after my run my ankle was pretty sore.  A short mile cool down and I was done walking in the door as Julie was putting breakfast together.  Nothing ends a run well like huevos rancheros!  This run was sponsored by our college friend and Julie's twin from anotha motha Heather Osowski!  Thanks Heather I really needed the motivation to get out of bed!!!    6 mi in 59:48 a 9:58 pace

Friday I headed over to the BSC for another spin class for cross training.  I was supposed to do 60 minutes but got there a little late so 45 would have to do.  I got to try out my new cycling shorts which made the ride much better but I kept getting the cushion caught when I tried to sit back down from a hop.  It also begs a question, "if cycling saddles are so uncomfortable that you need to wear padded short to ride then why don't they make more comfortable saddles?"  Am I the only one thinking this?  I wonder if I can I get a patent on a saddle that doesn't make you walk bow legged for an hour after you get on the bike.  If anyone out there has some money they want to give me to start a company to try and build this new idea let me know.  If you don't have enough money to help me start a company you can always just help me by donating to my marathon run (link below).  21.8 miles in 45:27 or 28.78 MPH

This is my last week in Review as starting on Saturday and going forward I'll be writing individual posts for my training to take you through what it's really like day to day!

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